Business Strategy (Game Theory)

  • Competition, Cooperation, Negotiation, Alliances
  • smart set-ups for long-lasting, working, partnerships and JVs
  • contracts and negotiations
  • alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and mediation
  • divisions of wealth


  • anti-fragile strategies in business
  • anti-fragile strategies in Finance and Business
  • hidden risk and risk avoidance

Kelly Criterion and Robust Portfolio Management

Direction and interpretation of Statistical Analyses

  • putting intelligence into Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • what is the data saying and not saying? Guarding against procedural errors and pitfalls
  • Robustness vs Optimization
  • programming and process architecture

Consulting or Implementation of Efficient and Effective:

  • business development
  • operations
  • marketing

Handling of delicate, confidential projects where Trust is paramount

International resources

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish